Managing information and mastering data to stay in the heart of the market

Today’s consumers have become into consum’actors. Equipped with their smartphones they prepare their purchases on the internet and continuously mark and assess the products while their data is used to customize their relationship with the brands. All this deeply changes the situation and usages. Our world is now governed by Data!

Each time users ‘browse’, ‘click’, ‘buy’, ‘read’, ‘contribute an opinion’, ‘recommend’, ‘evaluate’ etc., means that in exchange this data is collected and used with their consent of course. It is noteworthy that such continuous access to all this information, with usage of data in exchange, enables access to many services.

However, the omnipresence of data also brings into question the quality of said data. Anything can be written by anyone, contents are no longer verified. This new world where data is at the heart of everything means that the issue of data quality must be addressed and controlled.


In this context, the exhibitors and contributors present at #conext propose solutions and offer advice to support your strategy!

Referencing – affiliation – performance marketing – online advertising firms – SEA – SEO – retargeting – search engines and comparison websites – advertgames – viral marketing – behavioural targeting  – mail / digital and mobile databases – direct marketing – bus mailing – targeted mail– catalogue – third party inserts – printing solutions - ….


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