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E-commerce, the cross-channel media


E-commerce concerns all the players involved in cross-channel. It proposes in digital format and in a magazine a review of the strategies, tools and methods that are used in connected commerce today and tomorrow.

  • On the website you will find sector-specific information, benchmark data and practical articles to help understand the issues and improve your business and multi-channel strategy.
    - the weekly newsletter is sent every Thursday and presents the latest news in e-commerce and its players.

  • the magazine keeps you informed of the evolutions in connected commerce, both in terms of strategy and technologies, and focuses on professionals who play a key role in today’s e-commerce.

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Relation Client, 100% client-centric media


‘Relation Client’ brings you all the information you need to understand the essential trends in customer relations. Structured into four main themes, Players, Trade, HR and Tech, the magazine, which is available in both print and digital, proposes encounters with emblematic personalities in your sector of activity and also enables you to discover the strong initiatives that are implemented by your peers.

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Marketing, The reference for marketing decision-makers


Marketing is the multimedia information solution for those who count in marketing today.

  • The website offers a real-time review of the very best in marketing innovation and best practices in France and around the world
  • The daily newsletter enables you to keep in touch with the latest news from the community
  • •    •    •    The monthly review is both a source of inspiration and a tool box to help you understand and implement changes in marketing techniques (strategic marketing, surveys, relational marketing, digital, CRM/data, mobile, etc.). The approach is critical and often off the wall, the editorial team shares its opinions and analyses with perspective and a touch of humour changes in the marketing trades and sector.

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Commerce Magazine, the magazine for independent and network commerce


A monthly magazine dedicated to proximity commerce. Each month, Commerce Magazine brings you all the information you need to help you better manage and develop your business…

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Number one for distribution and mass consumption, LSA is the reference media dedicated to news in the food and non-food markets, it presents a review of the latest trends and innovations in the mass consumption sector: product innovation, network strategies, market analyses, consumer trends.

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Journal du Net


With more than 2.5 million unique visitors per month, JDN ( is the source of information for daring managers and executives. Digital, management, new technologies: JDN proposes both an exhaustive watch of the latest news and prospective write-ups to help better understand the economy of tomorrow. JDN proposes 4 themed newsletters that are sent to more than 500,000 subscribers, 2 of which are daily newsletters

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GPO Magazine


GPO is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to Managing, Planning, and Optimising resources for businesses. It is a tool to help managers with decision-making and is focused on optimising business management. The editorial approach is concrete and relevant, dealing with issues that are really significant to managers in the everyday running of their company.

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Conquérir is a bimonthly economic magazine dedicated to SMEs. 

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Digital Mag


The reference for professionals in distance sales, DM, E-Commerce and M-Commerce. Resolutely focused on professionals from these four sectors. Thanks to its straightforward and pragmatic editorial approach it offers an essential interface between merchants developing businesses online or pure players and suppliers of software, technical, operational, publishing and logistics solutions. 

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Le Nouvel Economiste - the magazine for today’s management & power, read the future.


‘Le Nouvel Economiste’ proposes each day on its website and every Friday in its newspaper (print and digital) an insight into the latest economic, political, social and professional stakes and issues.
Its readers are essentially top managers, leaders and opinion leaders from 3 sectors including Public Affairs, Enterprises, and Social Economics.

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