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Hauts-de-France Region


Situated in the heart of the richest hyper-centre of Europe,
boasting a competitiveness hub dedicated to ‘Commerce Industries’ of international standing and decision centres for major retail chains,
the Hauts-de-France region has many assets to stand as the cradle of retail distribution today and tomorrow.



Lille European Metropolis


Mail order, retail distribution, e-commerce represent major sectors for LEM.
The certification of the Commerce Industries competitiveness hub attests to the economic weight of this activity within the metropolitan area.



Lille City


The city of Lille supports economic initiatives within its territory and contributes to create the conditions for them to develop in a suitable environment.
It supports the implementation of #conext which is a highlight for the industry and a source of continuous renewal of commercial practices.
The show promotes innovations as well as their pragmatic applications, and thereby contributes to structure the business activities in the sector.



CCI Grand Lille


Implement a strategy for development, integrate the networks, conquer new markets… Everything can be learned thanks to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry!

CCI website


SKEMA Business School


With more than 7,200 students and 35,000 graduates, SKEMA Business School is a global school.
Through its research and educational programmes and thanks to its international multi-site structure it trains and educates the talents for the businesses of the 21st century.





Euratechnologies, number one booster in France - part of the top 10 boosters in Europe – boasts 100 hectares dedicated to digital opportunities to foster and support the digital stars of tomorrow.
More than 3,600 employees, 500 events and 50,000 visitors each year, hundreds of projects supported since its creation, more than €100 M raised, full service technological offer, a dense network boasting an international scope.

Partner of #conext show, Euratechnologies proposes a unique area of 600m² dedicated to innovation - the Connected Innovation Village – structured into 4 themes applies to the usages in connected commerce.

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The launch of the Commerce Industries competitiveness hub on February 2nd 2006 has made it possible to bring together two very different sectors: that of distribution and distance sales and that of public research.
More than 100 businesses are partners of the hub today, of which one third are technological SMEs, as well as 15 research laboratories essentially specialised in ICTs.

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‘Syndicat National de la Communication Directe’ – National Association for Direct Communication – from data to logistics is a professionals association for service providers in the sectors of Direct Communication and relational marketing. Today it counts approximately 200 members.

SNCD proposes and makes available to its members detailed surveys on the evolution of trades, exchanges between players in the industry, themed professional encounters, technological and legal watch…

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Le Cercle du Marketing Client


A convivial place for encounters, sharing and intelligence serving its members: Cercle du Marketing Client offers many services to its 400 current members:
conferences, ateliers networking, collaborative press review, e-newsletter, workshops, legal assistance, members directory,…

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M.O.V.E. is a network of partners, experts and professionals whose ambition is to support and assist businesses in developing projects related to connected commerce and digital. M.O.V.E. is supported by businesses and institutions from the Hauts-de-France region.



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