Supply chain

Deliver and receive, optimize flows between suppliers and end-clients

Increased pressure on prices, shorter turnover times, higher client expectations and requirements etc. The Supply Chain faces many new challenges and must adapt its models in order to remain competitive.

The key issue is the digital transformation of the Supply Chain. On the one hand it must endeavour to optimise its processes, with shorter turnover times, and on the hand it must use the IoT in particular for the logistics aspect.

Because of the rapid changes in the market, businesses must be increasingly responsive and in a position to anticipate the unpredictable. Emerging demands, impulse purchases for mass consumption, or shipping issues and some of the major stakes for the Supply Chain.


To satisfy these requirements and needs, the exhibitors and contributors at #conext propose a panel of solutions!

National and international shipping – express delivery – last mile – pick-up points – management of returns – multi-channel logistics – e-logistics software – IoT (connected objects, RFID, beacons, captors, etc.) – robotics - …


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