10 April 2017

Welcome to retail intelligence at #conext!

#Retail is in Lille

Situated in the heart of the richest hyper-centre of Europe, boasting a competitiveness hub dedicated to ‘Commerce Industries’ of international standing and decision centres for major retail chains, the Hauts-de-France region has many assets to stand as the cradle of distribution today and tomorrow! #conext has understood this well and proposes an original and unique event not-to-be-missed…


#conext, the intelligent commerce show

Nowadays shoppers are increasingly connected and informed. Consumers order products online that are 8,000 km from where they live and can receive them within record times. They are known and recognised at the sales points and pay using their smartphones. They appreciate approaches combining digital innovation and new generation sales points. They receive advice ‘instantly’ depending on their consumer habits and state of mind...

What if we took things even further?

Biometric payment methods, omnipresence of artificial intelligence, bespoke scenarios. Express delivery! Come and immerse yourself in the effervescence of today’s commerce, intelligent commerce! Welcome to retail intelligence #Conext2017 show!


A word from the president

Welcome to retail intelligence at #conext show! Overabundant choice, demanding customers who are increasingly knowledgeable, robot assistants that offer advice, enchant, translate and propose products based on your own emotions. DMP on-board databases connected to digital eco-systems, omnipresent artificial intelligence that makes it possible to recommend products in the form of scenarios, making the customer experience increasingly fluid … Commerce is no longer just connected, it is intelligent! Join the #conext adventure now!



#conext, ready for the adventure?

200 exhibitors  |  10 000 visitors  |  More than 100 conferences  |  3 keynotes

Conext is a window open onto an industry that is continuously changing. The show invites you to come and share its experience presented in 5 sections:



An opportunity to manage information
and master data in order to stay at the heart of the game




Guide customers from each point of contact,
in each of their channels through to the purchase




Ship and deliver by optimising the flows
and make the route more direct from supplier to end-customer





Because knowing your customers is essential in e-commerce,
anticipate their needs and master your relationship with them




Finally, discover the next innovations,
experiment and find inspiration in the major trends of tomorrow



3 days, 3 themes

Each day will feature keynotes, speakers, inspiring conferences offering added value. A real source of information to keep abreast of the latest news, anticipate the challenges and stakes, and meet the contributors in the sector.

Tuesday 17 October

Retail Intelligence


Wednesday 18 October

Data Intelligence


Thursday 19 October

Consumer Intelligence



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